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Our identity

Radice specialises in the design and creation of spaces for living and sharing all over the world. An exciting journey where you can feel the evolution of environments and the new way of living, where the project mixes and combines different styles with unique creativity, where quotations from the past can blend with current design.

The constant search for quality has always been an important issue for Radice and one of the key elements that has contributed to its international success.
The selection of top-quality materials is the starting point for the creation of unique and exclusive furniture, always accompanied by the accuracy and precision of the manufacturing process.
The passion for quality is expressed in the impeccable details, which are combined with the essential design and contemporary lines of the furniture.

Tradition and craftsmanship

Where flexibility, customisation, research and innovation blend together.
Radice furniture is distinguished by the craftsmanship that is the hallmark of Italian know-how, with its authenticity and high quality; it is the ability to exploit the artistic potential of our country’s manufacturing industry, with specialised suppliers, 100% Made in Italy.